For the fourth day in a row, protests against the president Michel Temer (PMDB) occurred all over Brasil. And again, for the fourth day in…

Police attack protests against President Michel Temer in Brazil

Police attack protests against President Michel Temer in BrazilFor the fourth day in a row, protests against the president Michel Temer (PMDB) occurred all over Brasil. And again, for the fourth day in…

Police attack protests against President Michel Temer in Brazil

Photo: Felipe Malavasi/Agência Democratize

For the fourth day in a row, protests against the president Michel Temer (PMDB) occurred all over Brasil. And again, for the fourth day in a row, the Military Police violently attacks the protesters. On Sunday (04), the new president will send the Army Force to São Paulo with the aim of avoiding one more protest against the government.

One week that will be difficult to forget: in four manifestations in a row against the president Michel Temer in São Paulo, the Military Police used the same tactic of authority abuse against the protesters, on what is starting to be a popular mobilization with the same characteristics of June 2013 — when the protesters occupied the Brazilian streets against the rise of the public transportation taxes.

The difference lives, now, in the real possibility of the Army Force being used to contain the protests.

On Sunday (04), the new president will liberate the use of the Army to maintain the order in Paulista Avenue, where the Olympic torch shall pass. At the same time, protesters of the group “Frente Povo Sem Medo” and many other social movements guarantee that they won’t give up the manifestation scheduled to start at 2 p.m. on the free span of Masp.

And all of this happens after one more day of repression in São Paulo and in other capital cities, such as Porto Alegre.

In São Paulo, even after one bloody Wednesday (31) in the city, in which tens of thousands protesters were brutally repressed by the Military Police, the protest continued to be scheduled on Masp’s free span. And there were about 5 thousand people, in a real mood that mixed both fear and indignation.

And it didn’t take long for the atmosphere to get even worse.

The manifestation couldn’t follow the determined route in a collective decision between the protesters and the organizers. The aim was to walk up to PMDB’s head office in São Paulo. However, the Military Police didn’t allow the route, having a purpose of protecting the political party’s building.

After a lot of negotiation, the protesters end up following a route predetermined by the police, going down Consolação street towards Downtown.

And at the arrival in the region of 9 de Julho Avenue, that the situation changed one more time.

Protesters tried to set up a barricade with garbage bags and fire in the middle of the avenue, to avoid as many as possible advance of the police — who were basically surrounding the protest from the beginning until the end.

Photos: Gustavo Oliveira and Fernando DK/Agência DemocratizePhoto: Reinaldo Meneguim/Agência Democratize

That was enough for raining tear gas and moral effect bombs in São Paulo’s sky.

People searched for shelter in the local houses and markets, protecting themselves as they could. One girl started to have an asthma attack due to the tear bombs effects, being rescued by members of the group GAAP (an activist group that does first aids in the manifestations). In the meantime, the manifestation dispersed in Downtown parallel streets. As a tradition, after the police violence, protesters set up barricades in many city roads.

Near Roosevelt Square, residents shouted loud from the top of the buildings against the police action, following the moments of truculence against the protesters. At the same time, the photographer Fernando Fernandes ends up reached by a rubber bullet on the lips, being injured. Other violence cases against the press were registered: one journalist from the collaborative group Jornalistas Livres was arrested, being sent to the 78DP, besides the attempt, by the Police, to restrict the press’ work during the act.

Differently from Wednesday, the groups couldn’t resist for a long time in Downtown parallel streets, dispersing quickly after the Military Police advances.

But it wasn’t only São Paulo that suffered with the violence in manifestations against the Michel Temer on this Thursday.

In Porto Alegre, one video shows a police helicopter shooting the protesters from above, after the manifestation being repressed on the streets of this south capital.

On Friday (02), one more manifestation shall take place in São Paulo against the president Michel Temer. But, this time, the gathering will happen in Largo da Batata, at 6 p.m. Until now, about 10 thousand people confirmed presence on the Facebook event.

On Sunday, the social movements announced that they are going to maintain the convocation for the protest in Paulista Avenue, even after the Public Security Secretary forbidding the act and the routing of the Army Force by the president Michel Temer.

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